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At Kemedar, we focus on creating a comfortable, easy & trustworthy environment for real estate owners, agents and real estate developers to display their properties in detail, as well as for buyers and investors searching for the perfect property and investment opportunity through highly advanced search criteria to ensure the maximum benefit from their visit to Kemedar, which makes us a true success partner for Kemedar' s users in their real estate activities & investments

President Message

At about seven o'clock at night six years ago, my daughter called me from one of the coastal governorates, crying out for help.

Her husband had planned a surprise for her with a summer trip where they would spend a beautiful time in that charming province, and he had already booked an apartment overlooking the sea with a local real estate agent from that area after sending him the wonderful pictures of that apartment through one of the social media platforms. But once they arrived, the agent disappeared and turned off his phone …!

It was challenging for them to find another one at that time of the year, and after their search continued for about seven hours, they spent swinging from one agent to another until they called me for help, and unfortunately I tried in vain between one application and another, but all my attempts at finding anything useful using available apps failed too. Unfortunately, the couple decided to go back home after they had a terrible experience that would not be easily forgotten by both of them.

his situation awakened my business sense, which has grown over the course of seventeen years of experience in marketing and business development. It gave me a hint about the pressing and urgent need for an application that organizes, facilitates, and secures the entire process through special innovative procedures and techniques that make situations like the one my daughter and her husband experienced very easily avoidable. Indeed, we began to draw and formulate the idea. Then, we planned it all out and started forging it. After more than five years of hard and continuous work we got to where we are now, and it became the product you are holding in your hands.

I will not hide a secret from you that the idea of Kemedar was initially local in one country until I met a friend of mine and he told me the story of his wife. He told me how she had suffered before he married her to find a suitable apartment to buy in any country far from her country where the war suddenly broke out but the language barrier along with the locality nature of most apps and sites prevented her from finding what she was looking for, and if it wasn't for a friend she knew back in college who offered to be her host, she wouldn't have been here, and she would not have had the privilege of marrying this friend, as he sarcastically likes to always repeat it.

When using Kemedar and its systems Kemetro, Kemmeta, and Kemedar Academy, you can see and sense how much effort and perseverance went into making it, which were exerted by a creative beautiful minds who believed in the idea and devoted all their efforts and experiences to its implementation. In addition to being highly qualified with more than 150 years of experience collectively, this harmonious team has worked together as a family for years. That is why the credit after God goes to the members of this wonderful team who trusted and bore me and endured all the hardships we faced in making this idea mature and actualize in the way you see now.

I can now proudly inform my daughter to reliably use Kemedar to book her summer apartment. I also hope that Kemedar will contribute to facilitating the solution of the problem of thousands who are in the same situation as my friend's wife to find a suitable place for her before she even moves out of her country.

  • Best regards,
  • Dr.Abdullah Abbas
  • January 2023
  • President
  • Kemedar Corporation
  • Delaware, United States of America


Real estate Prop-tech

Massive Opportunity in Proptech

Real estate touches everything we do. It’s the economics of the physical space — it literally shapes our lives by defining the environment in which we live and do business. Tech has done a lot in the last few decades to revolutionize flows of information (Google), communication (Facebook, Apple), goods (Amazon), Capital (PayPal, Venmo), and transport (Lyft, Uber). But real estate is larger than all of those categories combined, and the transformation that real estate tech could bring to our lives is larger, and more profound, than you might think.


Our Beautiful Minds

Abdullah Abbas

CEO & Founder



Bui Hanh

Technical Partner and Managing Director



Hisham Allam

Managing Partner



Mohammad Arofat




Nguyen Duc

Project Manager



Tien Bao

Technical Partner



Fayyaz Hussain




Muhammed Uzair




Taufiqur Rahman

Managing Partner



Mohammad Farihan

Project Manager



Safiqul Islam

Project Manager



Jahidul Islam

Project Manager




Project Manager



MD Kinan

Senior Developer



Rafiul Awal

Senior Developer



Mohib Shah




Muhammad Siddiqui

Laravel Developer



Sarfuzzaman Rashad

Senior Developer



And 63 Contracts for 63 freelancers worked on Tasks of Kemedar


What is new that the Kemedar offers to the global real estate market?

A global company with a presence in 25 countries and an interface in more than 15 languages to facilitate visitors and create the required comfort in enjoying the various site services

Carefully designed to serve all categories of real estate people from owners, buyers, handymen, finishing companies, agents, real estate developers, franchise owners, affiliate marketers, freelancers, advertisers, investors, stores, factories, trainers, news editors..etc.

Full management of the database of advertisers with all their real estate information and the ability to analyze that data and benefit from it with any advertisement directed to a specific segment, whether a price segment or according to the targeting area or anything else, which facilitates the marketing process and makes our site a first destination for companies or individuals that want to sell or advertise their properties

The database of purchase requisitions can be worked on, which achieves the highest return through commission, because the senders of purchase requisitions often send them after they have exhausted the traditional methods of purchase

Advanced search tools are one of the most important features of the system from searching in all dimensions of the property (more than 110 search criteria), as well as the areas specifically designed to accommodate up to five levels of depth, which makes the research by targeting area very satisfactory.

In a record time, we can build a network of local franchise owners at the highest level of efficiency, as well as manage them in an unparalleled technical way, and manage their accounts in optimal management, . Thanks to ready system we have now that this network will cost very less cos

The real estate finishes and tasks management system that we provide to our visitors and members makes our system unique and has no real competitor

For the first time, the first integrated directory for handymen and everyone involved in building and equipping the property, in order to be the owner of the largest database for all real estate workers, linking them to our website,

A special system that allows us to provide marketing services to others from real estate companies in a highly effective system using the latest methods in marketing as well as a database that is the most accurate and largest of its kind in this field

We provide our clients and agents from companies such as finishing companies, real estate agents, real estate developers and franchise owners in regions and countries, an integrated system for customer care, CRM, adapted and programmed specifically for the real estate field, and ERP software that facilitates all their work processes such as project management, task management, employees, customers and orders, all in their control panel in their account Ali Kemedar

An included accounting system that sings our agents and franchise owners from managing accounts and makes all their accounts and invoices in one secure place and does not need more than one person to manage it

For the first time in the world, a unique participatory investment system that allows small investors to buy co-operatively in a specific property and invest in it using the share system and manage the entire process from presenting investment opportunities and studying their feasibility to managing the process of paying the price of the share by all available payment methods until contract management and documentation, investment management, accounts and distribution Profits later through Kemedar Investment Management

An integrated system for managing banners and advertisements, which makes it easier for advertisers and our company to manage the largest number of advertisers' accounts with a negligible number of employees

An integrated technical system for managing affiliate marketers through a special system prepared for this, which makes our site leap dramatic leaps in a very short time because we can simply employ thousands of them and manage them with a commission system and share in profits.

A database for all real estate companies, including agents and real estate developers, and linking them to our site, as each company has its own website and page on our site that includes its projects and real estate, and an integrated administrative system to manage all their real estate marketing, which links all their marketing mechanisms to our site and contributes to the development of our real estate network effectively.

The strong image of our company and our brand that we certainly obtain in a record time from the beginning of operation makes our brand one of the most famous brands in the real estate market, because our name and the application of our website is on the phone of all people and they use it to meet all their real estate needs, which enhances the confidence of all those around us and dealers Our entity and it is easy for us to take exclusive marketing agencies, contracting or construction finishes.

A special administration on our site for everyone who wants to invest in real estate, whether he has capital or someone who has a fixed asset, and the site makes it very easy for us to reconcile between the two parties in return for a commission for that

The PBX system is at the highest level and with the latest communication technologies to reach the representatives of the regions and our service officials quickly and easily through phone call or through video or audio communication or chat on the site

A chat system between members, which achieves the best comfort for members to communicate with each other

The mobile application on the mobile of all users makes dealing with the system very easy and convenient

Kemeta Community is the first social network dedicated to the real estate sector that connects all people interested in real estate from all over the world such as sellers, buyers, investors, advertisers, employees, job seekers, contractors, developers, agents .... etc. Our users can enjoy communicating with people of the same interests and creating their ideal networks in the first specialized real estate community, which is one of the latest technologies by linking customers and dealers to the site

Kemetro is the e-commerce portal of Kemedar which is specialized only in selling high quality home building and finishing products. You can find and order all real estate furnishing and furniture products. Sellers can display their products, from cement, building materials, cables, to insulation materials and paints, to home and garden fixtures, in one place, which makes Kemetro marketplace very unique. Our customers can compare a wide range of products from thousands of manufacturers and distributors and get the best prices and complete satisfaction. This market is integrated with our system, which increases the user's link on our site

One of the parts of our integrated system is the Kemedar Academy, which aims to raise the technical level of all those working in the real estate industry, from craftsmen and technicians to marketers and independents. There are also specialized programs for real estate agents and investors. Its method simply depends on linking professional volunteers & Instructors with great experience who like to give their experiences to benefit others without compensation for the students of the Academy through the provision of a professional educational and training platform. There are also specialized programs for training children and youth

And More

Buy-Sale Transaction

Opportunities in numbers

Product & Services

Our Free Services

The largest variety of free services that not offered anywhere

Add property

Add up to 3 free properties with all details depending on AI technology

Advanced Search

110 Search filters to find perfect property or request a property with specific criteria

Premium Control Panel

The member can control all the details of his account and his ads very easily with tons of features

Buy building and finishing products

The member can browse, compare and buy it directly from the factory directly or from the merchant who offers it

Hiring Technicians & Handymen

Any of the members can enjoy the system of managing their finishes and real estate tasks completely free of charge, starting from browsing handymen profiles until their evaluation after completing their tasks.

Hiring marketers & Freelancers

Companies and individuals can browse and appoint real estate marketers added to the system


Free service for subscribed companies to manage clients from their C-panel in Kemedar

KEMEDAR File manager Service

The member can save his important files, contracts and templates that he wants to modify laterr

Social Community

Unique social community for all those working in the real estate sector and those interested in it

Free training at Kemedar Academy

Many of the Academy's courses will be free of charge from the instructors

Our Paid Products & Services

Guarantee best ROI for our customers using our paid service

Our mission to be the most reliable Prop-tech system trusted by our users in our operating countries

Subscription Packages

Varying packages for real estate agents, real estate developers, finishing companies and factories..

Franchise owners (Areas & Countries)

The franchise system is very cohesive and professionally designed with hundreds of tools that are unique to Kemedar

Professional Services for Individuals

Very unique product mix not available in any other place

Paid Services for Companies

We help our customers to succeed in their business through services Low cost for return on investment

Selling banners spaces

Special developed banner management automated system which makes it easier for our advertisers to order space in few clicks

Marketing & Promotional Services

We offer some services using our developed tools and our list of service providers to fulfill our customers needs like Bulk email sending, Whatsapp campaigns,..etc

Brokerage & Commission Services

Getting Brokerage & commission from closing deals of selling properties, real estate products or finishing services

Kemetro marketplace Services

Getting commission & listing fees for the products added to kemetro marketplace

Getting Exclusive Distributorship

As our platform is global and has very good penetrative power and largest database, this will enable us to get great exclusive distributorship for great products & Projects

Investment Services

Our automated developed investment module allow us to facilitate investments in real estate for commission

Paid Professional Services for Individual Members

Maximizing the performance of members through exclusive professional services at a cost that makes the return profitable for the customer, which makes him accept to repeat and promote it to everyone who knows

KEMEDAR® List Service

In this service, Kemedar franchise owner send representative to the property’s site to photograph the property professionally, adding the property and all its details with description, etc., in cooperation with the seller, to reach the best picture of the property page, which includes all the property details in a professional manner.


This service will make your property in the first place in the search results in the area of your property, which will greatly increase the possibility of selling it


Kemedar, through its Franchise owners in the area of your property, receives the key from the property owner and accompanies the buyers in the inspections for a monthly fee. This service will enable the seller to always add a ready-to- show sign on his property listing page, which increases the possibility of a quick sale of your property.


The owner asks Kemedar for this customized service, and Kemedar will send him through its franchise owner in his area a customized offer according to his property, his region, the number of targets and the proposed promotion methods and mechanisms through communications through E-mail, WhatsApp messages, SMS and Messenger, and all terms and mechanisms are agreed upon before starting the promotion


This service will allow you to add a sign “certified by the Kemedar agent.” The Kemedar franchise owner will check all the legal papers of the property and ensure the reliability of the property, title deeds and other matters related to verification such as the truth of all the information contained in the property ad

KEMEDAR® Finish Service

Some members will prefer to communicate with handymen directly and some users who want a professional service will assign Kemedar for their finishing tasks and sign contracts and agreement between the two parties, and Kemedar, through its local franchise owner, manage the task with certified handymen and delivers it

KEMEDAR®Sourcing Service

In this service, Kemedar will search for the best products you want and send the best quotations through a commercial offer from the company and supply them on the terms agreed upon in terms of purchase and supply Contract


It is a service in which the seller assigns the task of selling his property to Kemedar in return for a commission agreed upon in the concluded contract. Kemedar makes maximum efforts through its promotional tools and agents to sell the property at the best prices. This service is available for properties with certain specifications and for certain areas


Assistance in investing your property, the optimal investment.. Through this service, we can manage your fixed asset and choose the best offers for renting your property, making optimal use of it, and suggesting the best investment solutions.

Professional services for Companies

Services that will facilitate the work of marketing management in companies and effectively maximize their performance with a mixture of services specially designed for them by real estate marketing experts and professionals

Kemedar® Campaign Service

A marketing and promotion service in which Kemidar takes advantage of its possession of the largest database in the real estate market . you wiill fil the form of detaills what want to promote your company, project or Your property, as well as the targeting area, the number of targets, and the proposed promotion methods and tools from e-mail communications, WhatsApp messages, SMS messages and messengers. All terms, tools and costs for the marketing campaign are agreed upon before starting the promotion. You can now entrust us with all your promotional and marketing tasks for your property or project.

Kemedar®Veri Service (Project or Property)

This service will allow you to add a “Verified by Kemedar” tag on the page of a specific property or project that you want to offer this service to, which gives great reliability to this property or project for our visitors

Kemedar® Ad Service

Hanks to our tailored ad system, With a few simple clicks, in a very easy way, you can buy the banner or ad space that you want, which coincides with a specific area and when searching for a specific category or price.

Kemedar® Veri Service (Company)

This service will allow you to add a tag “certified by Kemrdar” on your company page, which gives great reliability to your company .. Kemedar will check all legal papers of the company and ensure its reliability, legal status, financial position, reputation and other related matters by checking

Kemedar® Sponsor Service



550.000 LOC
(Lines of code)

Working days

25+ Developers
Full time

15 Languages

60.000+ Development Hours

40+ Working months

65+ Freelancers
Hourly based


Real Estate Devlopers

Target Real EstateAgent & Developers inour DB from Linkedin

Stores & factories in our DB from Google Business

Real estate Agents


Target Real Estate Investors in our DB from Linkedin

facebook users assorted DB 5+

User types

Products & Services

Cpanel features & tools

Years of experience for teamwork

Included Systems

Mobile Apps(+1 main app)

Real estate Categories



    Tech-Enabled Construction, Management, and Maintenance

Property management and maintenance are changing, as consumers turn to online service providers over traditional contractors and property managers. Tech-enabled solutions to home decoration and interior design (e.g. Houzz) are also arising, as are new ownership models for furniture (e.g. Feather)

Home construction and maintenance will also undergo extensive disruption. Americans spend $340 billion a year on home improvement and remodeling, with the HVAC market projected to reach $251 billion by 2023. Annual construction in the US is valued at $1.3 trillion.

Meanwhile, traditional incumbents still have a majority share of this very massive market. Home Depot and Lowe’s annual sales are approximately $170 billion. Most construction is still done via traditional contractors and construction companies, although the rise of 3D printing and off-site construction by companies like Katerra is beginning to change this.

New catalysts will eventually upend the construction market completely, creating another new wave of cutting- edge real estate tech startups. AI, image recognition, and robotics will enable a huge reduction in the capital and time costs of construction in the medium-to-long term, and the ripple effects of this will be felt throughout the entire real estate industry.

What Kemedar offers for this sector?


2 Alternative Living (Rent/Booking/Lease/Co-living)


There’s an increasing mismatch between supply (the physical housing inventory), and demand (rapidly changing consumer preferences)


Rent is an increasing burden for a huge market

Demand for rent is rising with almost 43 million U.S. households renting in 2016. Of those, more than 1 in 3 spend at least 30 percent of their pretax income on rent up from fewer than in 5 in 2001.

In addition to this, rent burden is increasingly affecting young people. If tech innovation typically happens with young people first, and young people’s single biggest expense is rent, then the residential rental space is potentially the mother of all markets.

Solutions offered by Kemedar in this scope

Special module for Long and short term rentals

Try to decrease gap between old aging property supply and recent customer preference through our Kemedar® finish & kemedar® invest service

Working on Co-living module to make it easy for anyone to offer co-living and innovate new markets in different countries throughh ourr communityportal Kemmeta to change some cultural barriers

Franchising system facilitate all the process through wll trained franchise owners in the area

Examples of Alt Living Startups

Videos & Media


The opportunities offered by Proptech to Real estate market


Business Strategies

1-Automation of every process

This makes expansion is unlimited at the lowest cost as everything automated already

2-Franchising system:

Kemedar can offer its customers and users various and unique professional services on the ground at lowest cost as Kemedar work as moderator between customers and franchise owners


Business Model

Kemedar system is based primarilyon linking all the common interests between all those dealing with Kemedar from our partners, customers and suppliers on the basis of sustainable benefit for all in the short and long term

Competitive Analysis

Re/Max ColdWell Banker AqarMap OLX Property Finder KEMEDAR
Headquaters USA USA Egypt Netherland UAE USA
Global Presence +110 +41 2 +30 6 +6
Number of Employees +1500 +9066 +250 +8000 +300 +45
Company Valuation in Dollar +30.84 bn 8.5bn +500m** 10m
Year Founded 1975 1906 2011 2005 2007 2013
Specialization in Real Estate
Complience with Proptech Standards
Number of Member Types 3 3 4 2 2 2
Ease of Registration
Premium Memebership
Paid Subscription
Who can add property? Only Internal Agent Only Internal Agent Paid Customer
+Paid Agent
Free Customer
+Paid Agent
Paid Customer
+Paid Agent
Free Customer
+Paid Agent
Search level in the region 2 2 4 2 4 4
Number of Search Filters 12 8 11 18 9 25
Add Property for Free
Franchise System
Finishing Task System
Advertising System
Buy Advertising space Online
Affiliate Market System
Operations on the Ground
Number of Communication 1 2 3 1 2 9
Chat Between Members
Chat with management
Investment System
Number of Paid Services 0 0 2 1 1 +30
Number of types of
paid Subscriptions
0 0 1 1 1 4
Buy Service Online
Accept Payment Methods 0 0 1 1 1 9
Cart Purchase System
Cpanel System 2 2 4 2 2 14
Social Community
Languages 1 1 2 2 2 +15
Mobile App
CRM Included for
paid account
ERP included for
paid account
File Manager System
Hiring System for Marketers
AI Tech application on Proptech
Projects & Compounds
Marketing Service
Real State Categories 6 20 11 5 16 21
Daily Booking
Search by Area 1 1 1 2 2 4
Filter by suitable For
Filter by Status
Filter By Area Size
Filter by Price
Filter By payment Method
Search in compound only
Search by google map
VR Tour-3D
Number of Fileds
when add property
-50 -50 -50 +100
Add project by user
Description generation from fields
Advertising campaign design
Investment opportunites module
Time taken to add property 15 min 1 min 20 min 8 min
Add request to buy or rent
Traffic Monthly +1 million/m +1 million/m
Point System

Investment Strategy

With all our respect and appreciation for the venture investment companies and their strategy, I do not think that we are the best option for them to participate with us or invest in one of our companies or projects.

The fundamental difference between our strategies is that venture investment companies invest to re-evaluate what they have invested in with special criteria for re-evaluation in which there are many remarks and then sell their shares and stocks or push the founders to sell the company with the new evaluation, which can be far from the company's performance and its actual evaluation in the hope of making a profit from the sale of shares enables it once again to publicize itself well and attract new investors to its portfolio, and the same wheel spins in the same vein. Considering shares as a product in itself separate from the companies’ performance and marketing it using special mechanisms in isolation from the companies’ actual performance. It is a trade in stocks and not a real investment from our own point of view.

We have devised a wonderful system that enables our employees to participate in shares in our company through the exerted effort that turns into (Kemecoin) points, which are converted into shares and stakes in the company later, which achieves their dedication and loyalty in what they know is the actual property for them and for their children after them.

We have also devised a special investment platform that has a transparent system to monitor all the company's operations and its performance on a daily basis, through which the investor can see the company's performance, evaluate it, and sell his shares to another investor or to the company in a very simple and easy way, without the need for a stockbroker who decorates him with what he wants or provides him with information based on directed news. And only the propaganda that some companies publish to make arbitrary ratings is not correct

That is why we decided to be a closed joint-stock company and not be offered for a public offering or stock exchanges, in which there is a lot of vulnerability to the general climate in directed news and arbitrary evaluations accordingly, which makes us much stronger with our performance, strategic partnerships, sales, effort and sincerity of all employees and investors with us and not just news or arbitrary re-evaluation by a venture investment company that is interested in selling its share at a profit, whatever the actual performance of the company. Of course, the examples in that are clear for companies that went to Nasdaq and many of the victims are investors who were harmed by all wrong and deceptive practices, whether from venture investment companies or the founders of those companies through arbitrary evaluations or targeted advertising. Without regard to any ethical or religious standards Our investment strategy is simple, clear, and without ambiguity. The company is managed at the lowest cost due to the following:

1-Through our strategy we mentioned that a large part of the salaries of active employees turns into shares in the company that achieves loyalty and belonging to the company and its goals, as they are actual partners of the company

2- The company expands in other countries through headquarters funded by our local partners in each country, and the investor can also finance operations and invest in our branch in a specific country through our investment platform, or be Franchise Owner Country agent for us in his country or in his region, and this is one of the best investment methods that we prefer, so he is an operating investor (Working investor)

3- Monitoring expenses extensively and describing expenses on the system helps in filtering them and showing the impact of each expense on performance and profit, which leads to an immediate reduction of any wasted expenses that are not really feasible

4- We also took into account the adoption of a conservative policy in our selection of our projects and investments that preserves the value of capital, either in fixed assets, a strong brand, or current assets. We are away from the areas o cryptocurrency, for example, because we do not understand all its details, and even if we accept it as a method of payment for transferring money easily, we do not invest or keep money in it, and we always transfer the balance of our wallet in it on a daily basis into gold or dollar balance

That is why our best investor is the investor working in his country who can finance the company’s branch in his country and we help him in all aspects starting from the establishment of the shareholding company in his country and the full management of the branch and training him and his employees on our various systems and in this the investment and financing will be in the bank account of the company’s branch in the country and with a joint signature to spend on the company’s operations. The value of funding varies from one country to another according to the financial plan set for each country. The shares of this branch can also be offered for private placement in our investment platform to complete the amount of investment required for each country through the crowdfunding platform.

The investor's strategy that we recommend is that it should not be speculation and buying for a quick sale, but it should be a long-term investment, the best of which is 3 years before he decides to resell his shares. The best strategy is to invest for the purpose of actual participation and profit from the company’s operations by obtaining annual or semi-annual profits based on his share and calculating the profits in the income statement of the group of companies or the company to which he contributed. However, the investor can sell his shares through our platform at any time after six months of purchase

Our diversification of investment also creates an excellent investment environment in terms of the necessary investment security as well as satisfies all investor trends in terms of the quality of the desired investment. We consider our investors and employees as true partners and make every effort to achieve complete satisfaction with this partnership within the framework of trust, transparency, and mutual benefit.

Contact us

Welcome to Kemedar !!

Connected residences might be owned by a single entity and leased out, or owned separately with an agreement covering the relationship between units and common areas and concerns.

Where ?

549 Sulphur Springs Road
Downers Grove, IL 60515
United state
+91 361264100

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Our Main Systems

Dedicated marketplace for properties selling, buying, renting and investing. Also it includes module for hiring handymen and technicians

First Building materials, finishing decoration products & furniture multi-seller ecommerce marketplace

Unique Dedicated social community for people of real estate interests

Educational and training site designed specially for real estate sector

Real estate newspaper edited by people on the ground

Kemework You can easily buy and sell your services.

Kemedar Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is Specialized platform in organizing the whole process of investment Real estate generating monthly income starting from collecting the best real estate up to investment in it.

Our Companies



Established in USA 2015


Established in USA 2006


Established in USA 2006


Under Founding



Founded in Netherland 2010


Founded in Germany 2007


Founded in France 2010

(Middle East)


Founded in Egypt 2008


Founded in Egypt 2009


Founded in Egypt 1999


Founded in Egypt 2017


Founded in Egypt 2012


Nusa Properti

Established in Indonesia 2019


Company under incorporation


Company under incorporation

Buy-Sale Transactions

1 Alternative transaction Model (Buying/Selling)


Home buyers increasingly began their home searches online. After 2005, with the launch of consumer-oriented online real estate products Trulia and Zillow, comprehensive, easy-to-access online property information became available to the public for the first time.. This put consumers firmly in the driving seat


The majority of home buyers initialize and find their home online, and then transition to a complicated and largely analog transaction process. This will change.

2015 & beyond:

The new world of transaction models

The current transaction process is enormously costly (costing tens of thousands of dollars including commission, title costs, and other fees). It’s also time-consuming: on average, it takes 4.3 months to buy a home, and 2.8 months to sell. The resulting illiquidity of the asset class and the frustration consumers experience create a clear opportunity for innovation.

Kemedar designed to benefit

Hundreds of tools and services are brought together for the first time in a homogeneous system for all those working and interested in the real estate industry

One of the most important strengths of Kemedar is that the system is tailored to the needs of each member. There are 14 types of users with 14 different control panels. Each member feels that this system was designed for him alone, which makes it on top of all Proptech applications available globally now



Real Estates


Real Estates






















About Founder


  • An Egyptian physician graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University in 2001
  • 47 years old, married and has three children
  • First entry into the business was in 1996 and he established Falcon Company in 1999
  • An expert in international marketing and has studies in strategic planning at AIU
  • Member of the Herbal Medicines Exporters and Producers Association
  • Has strong experience of remote communication and how to manage the team to achieve the desired goals
  • Founder and managing director of Falcon Export & Import 1999
  • Founder & Partner of OCTA in America in 2006 OCTA Corporation
  • Co-founder of Beovita Germany in 2007 Beovita GmBH
  • Co-Founder of OCTA Egypt in 2008 OCTA-Egypt
  • Co-founder of BNA in 2009 Bionatural America Institute
  • Co-founder of Biowish Middle East
  • Founder of Tree Holding Company in 2015 in America
  • Founder of Tree Group Company in Egypt in 2017
  • Creator of multiple ideas and brands like gift2egypt, worldflorists, aromarket, exportica, Shipcheap, Moozex,Setelhosn,...etc
  • In 2012, he directed most of his investments and activities to the information technology sector and established a specialized company in 2015 in the United States for that, Tree Holding Company. He started projects and systems with the help of a team from Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who later became participants and shareholders in the company
  • He has visited more than 25 countries and has very distinguished international relations in the most important countries of the world.


CEO & Founder

Jan 2020 - Present (2 years 6 months +)

Muti-seller Marketplace for Export & Import for bulk products and wholesalers from all over the world



Aug 2018 - Present (3 years 11 months +)

For long years we were managing & and the idea is developed to be worldwide marketplace for flowers & gifts delivery using my experiences I posed from these projects


Founder & CEO


Apr 2015 - Present (7 years 3 months +)

In 2012, I directed most of my investments and activities to the information technology sector and established a specialized company in 2015 in the United States for that, Tree Holding Company. I started projects and systems with the help of a great team from Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who later became participants and shareholders in the company


Chief Executive Officer


Mar 2014 - Present (8 years 4 months +)

Kemedar is a unique real estate proptech portal that focuses on creating a comfortable, easy & trustworthy environment for real estate owners, agents & developers to display their properties in detail using the best technologies including AI, as well as for buyers and investors searching for the perfect property and investment opportunity through highly advanced search criteria. It also offers unique services for handymen, finishing & decoration companies, finishing products stores, and affiliate marketers. Kemedar and its subsystems work to connect and benefit all under one umbrella


Chief Executive Officer


Aug 2008 - Present (13 years 11 months +)

Using my expertise in International trading and logistics, we designed this system as marketplace for shipping companies services and the idea is developed to include all shipping and delivery services in simple and efficient way


Founder & Managing Director

Falcon Export & Import

May 1999 - Present (23 years 2 months +)

Falcon established in Cairo, Egypt at 1999 as export company for Egyptian products. It was specialized in natural raw materials, essential oils, herbs & spices, handmade products like kilim rugs and glass gifts. On 2004, Falcon involved in import of herbal extracts, active pharmaceutical ingredients and also medical disposablles and supplies. Falcon was exclussive agent for big pharma company like Cipla and was suppliier of raw materrials for many Egyptian pharmaceutical factories like Pharco group & IPIECO


Founder & Idea creator

Mar 2006 - Present (16 years 4 months +)

Gift2egypt is one of business units of OCTA corporation units. We serve our customers to ship gifts locally to Egypt. Thee idea is also replicated in Turkey


Chief Executive Officer

May 1999 - Present (23 years 2 months +)

Aromarket multi-seller marketplace:

1 - Easy management Very easy to create your store and add your products through our unique system. All details in your account cpanel make everything clear in front of you. Add and edit your products, see your pending and completed orders, see your earnings and accounts in a very easy way..

2 - Transparency Our system is very transparent. You can chat directly with end customers. Discussing all details of their orders and they do the orders very conveniently on our system

3 - Your money is Guaranteed Your money is guaranteed with us. You can withdraw your money immediately after shipping or you can schedule it every specific numbers of days from your account cpanel

4 - All payment methods accepted We accept almost all of the payment methods available in the market now like paypal, bank transfers, tazapay, skrill, payoneer, wise, credit cards, webmoney, checkout, 2checkout, crypto, western union, ..etc. This make it very easy to the customers to pay their orders very conveniently




Apr 2007 - Aug 2014 (7 years 5 months)

Beovita was JV company between four companies. OCTA corporation USA, Beovita Germany, SEKEM Egypt, Pharco pharmaceutical Egypt


Founder & CEO


Apr 2006 - May 2014 (8 years 2 months)

We established OCTA corporation to handle international business in pharmaceuitcal food supplement. OCTA has JV with Beovita GmbH (Germany), Pharco Pharmaceuticall group (Egypt), SEKEM (Egypt) to build new entity Beovita GmbH. We did exit strategy by acquisition on 2014 to focus investing in IT sector


Ain Shams University

Ain Shams University

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery - MBBS, Medicine

Sep 1994 - Jun 2004

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Exporter

Certified Exporter (CE) - Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery - MBBS, Medicine


Honors & Awards

ISO Certificate - Moody International Certification

Mar 2009

This is ISO 9001-2000 for one of our companies in Egypt. OCTA Egypt